Professional and customized cleaning

We use special products and procedures to improve the durability of your workwear. We pay attention to maintaining the protective function, without compromising on the quality of the cleaning process. This way, you benefit from an improved durability of your workwear and guaranteed hygiene and protection. Would you like an even higher level of service? Take a look at our full service lease concept.

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, Eygelshoven, Zuid-Limburg, professionele reiniging, reinigen, reparatie, bedrijfskleding leasen, full service lease, verkoop bedrijfskleding, veiligheidsschoenen, PBM, vast maandbedrag

Our guarantees

  • Efficient collection and delivery of PPE
  • Individual barcodes for every employee
  • Thorough removal of all contaminants
  • Conservation / restoration of the protective function
  • Improved durability
  • Minimization of doses by optimizing processes
  • Reliable service

Our cleaning and repair service consists of several stages

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, werkkleding gratis laten ophalen en brengen, rolcontainers, waszakken

Collection in rolling containers or laundry bags (supplied free of charge)

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, bedrijfskleding leasen in plaats van kopen

Unpacking / scanning

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, wassen en drogen van werkkleding, professionele reiniging

Washing / drying

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, normeringskleding, werkkleding, EN-normen, ISO-normen, overalls

Conservation / restoration protective function

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, vakkundige controle werkkleding, beschermende functies werkkleding intact

Full check on all items

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, professionele reparatie van werkkleding, garantie


Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, strijken van werkkleding

Ironing / folding

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, full service lease, systeem werkkleding sorteren op drager

Sort by employee, size or department

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, full service lease, bedrijfskleding leasen

Scanning / packing

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, service, vuile werkkleding afhalen, reinigen, schone werkkleding bezorgen

Delivery to customer

Wijnands bedrijfskleding Limburg, partner in bedrijfskleding, levering in kledinguitgiftekast, levering tot in lockers

If desired, delivery to the employee’s locker cabinet

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