Sustainable business? Of course!

For Wijnands, Corporate Social Responsibility is the core of our mission and our business. We emphasize Sustainable Business to operate in a responsible manner that benefits people and environment. Sustainability is apparent throughout our entire work process; from transportation through to garments washing and drying to final delivery. This ongoing focus on sustainability has led to a major decrease in our carbon dioxide emissions and significant reduction in environmentally harmful detergents. By opting for sustainable solutions, we have also considerably lowered our water consumption. Our concern for Corporate Social Responsibility is a continuous process in which we eagerly incorporate new challenges.

Wijnands eco friendly

1. WIJNANDS eco power

Thanks to sustainable processes and technology, we have drastically reduced our energy consumption and, as a result, our carbon footprint. We recycle washing water and make use of infrared dryers and solar panels. Our washing process is managed without using fossil fuels instead we recover heat and use solar boilers. We also use transport vehicles with the lowest emissions. Optimized logistics does the rest and further reduces the impact on the environment.

2. WIJNANDS recycle

Old garments are recycled to turn them into new raw materials. We also upcycle old clothing and make it available for the manufacture of new products, including rags, plastic bottles or new garments.

3. WIJNANDS green planet

Wijnands only uses biodegradable, non-alkaline detergents. Our environment-friendly techniques ensure that clothing is laundered ecologically in accordance with the statutory regulations. We have removed unnecessary packaging and have minimized our use of plastics. Instead, we use 100% recycled paper.

4. WIJNANDS community

We employ individuals with divers backgrounds. We offer courses, training and guidance, we support their personal development in an environment that is both safe and enjoyable. We also cooperate closely with Relim, WSP Parkstad and other organizations to create jobs for people with limited access to the labor market. We engage with the communities by supporting clubs, associations and other initiatives.

5. WIJNANDS safe

Wijnands works exclusively with partners and suppliers in the garment industry for whom corporate social responsibility is a priority. We also guarantee that all our clothing is produced under fair and safe working conditions.

6. WIJNANDS future proof

Sustainability is nothing new to us – we have been a proven sustainable business for more than thirty years! And we are committed to make our products even more sustainable in the future.

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